Amateur Surgeon

2015-08-28_042020Amateur Surgeon is an interesting and popular humorous flash game about surgery. Patients come to you with a variety of injuries and illnesses. You must make a surgery to remove the fragments from their body, to cure hematomas and tumors and  bones. We present to you the first part of this incredible game. In the first part you play as a Alan Probe who is a supplier of pizza. One day he accidentally ran over an old man. Before this happen Alen was interested in medicine and read a lot of books. He had good relevant with medical literature, so after accident he had good chance to have a good practice and now he did not miss this chance.

As a tools he used everything that was at hand – knife for pizza, cream, drink ,needle and thread.  Anyway he succeeded in it, even after this happy end he opened a private clinic. But time does not spare anyone – he grew old and at the end it appeared at nursing home, to nobody necessary and lonely.Later in nursing home came businessmen to see him and to talk about his job. We are back in business he told to him you really have a talent my friend i open new hospital and i need you. Every level in game Amateur Surgeon – is one operation, one patient who comes to the expert with the problem. You must cure wounds, cuts, must use lubricating cream to remove burned areas generally you have to perform full operation. As a rule, each mission will have to do a few different things. During game you will see improbable cases. Visuals and graphics is very good also a gorgeous styling add to the game a significant share of black humor. Of course without blood the game hasn’t been interesting but it is not too much. So in one word this is very good simulator where you can train your knowledge if you are a professional surgery or a good guide for beginners. Have a good time playing this game. Wish you nice pastime.